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Application process for studying abroad

The application process for a stay abroad includes many small steps, which we would like to present to you in detail here.


In order to participate in the University of Bayreuth’s exchange programmes, you must meet certain requirements:

  • You must be enrolled as a regular student at the University of Bayreuth.
    Applications cannot be accepted from international exchange students.
  • Your must have sufficient language skills in the language of instruction and be able to prove this with a certificate.
  • You must already have at least 20 ECTS points in your degree programme.
    (master’s students can apply the points from their bachelor’s programme).
  • Erasmus: You must have already completed one academic year. You may not have already used up your maximum Erasmus quota.
    Up to 12 months can be funded per study phase (bachelor’s, master’s, PhD). Study programmes without a bachelor’s/master’s leading to a state examination (e.g. law, teaching) have a quota of 24 months.
    There must be a contract between the University of Bayreuth and the host institution in your field of study.
  • Global: There must be a contract between the University of Bayreuth and the host institution.

Please note that the above points are requirements of the International Office and the Erasmus+ programme. Your department may have set additional admission requirements.

The right time

Many students ask what the best time to go abroad is. Often, an application in the third semester for a stay abroad in the fifth semester for bachelor's students or an application in the first semester for a stay abroad in the third semester for master’s students is the best choice.

However, depending on the degree programme, there may be different aspects to consider (e.g. basic courses, seminars, etc.). If you have any questions in this regard, please contact your programme coordinator.

You should start preparing well in advance: about 1.5 years before your planned stay abroad. We have put together a more detailed description below.

Sequence of the preparation and application process

The application process for a semester abroad can be divided into two separate application cycles:

The first application is for the University of Bayreuth. In this application, your suitability is reviewed internally at the University of Bayreuth and an offer of a place in our programmes is made. This is not yet an indication of final acceptance at the partner university.

The second application is for the partner university. For this, you must submit the documents required by the relevant university and await their decision. Your stay at the partner institution is not definite until you receive the Letter of Acceptance.


You should start preparing & researching about 1.5 years before your planned stay.

Our MoveON Publisher gives you an overview of all partner universities with which student exchange agreements exist.

There you will find a lot of important information about the universities as well as links to the university websites, where you can find out about course selection options and semester times on your own.

Under the tab "personal reports" you will find reports submitted by Bayreuth students who studied there in the past.

Please research which exchange programme and which universities are possible exchange destinations for you.

Distinguish between Erasmus exchange opportunities, global exchange opportunities, and study abroad options in your preparation.

Online application via MoveON Hide

Apply by 1 December for study visits in the following academic year.

Register using the respective application portal of our MoveON system with your personal information and upload the required documents in the corresponding fields.

You can return to your application up until the application deadline, but after application deadline, incomplete applications cannot be considered!

ERASMUS and Global Programme

You have three priorities in each programme (Erasmus+ or Global), which you can allocate to universities in the respective programme.

The application deadline for the following academic year (winter semester + summer semester) is 1 December for both Erasmus and Global.

The following documents must be submitted with your application:

  • Copy of passport / national ID card
  • Brief CV with picture (max. one page)
  • Certificate of enrolment (from cmlife)
  • Language certificate
  • Proof of academic coursework completed with at least 20 ECTS points (the current transcript of records from cmlife; for applicants in a master's programme who have not yet earned 20 ECTS points, the bachelor's transcript or one’s certificate from the bachelor's programme is accepted).
  • Letter of motivation

For the letter of motivation in the global programme, please use the corresponding template.

The letter of motivation for Erasmus should be written in free form.

When writing a motivation letter for your Erasmus application, please consider the following tips:

Content of the motivation letter (form: 1 page long; line spacing 1.15; font size 12, preferably in free form):

  • Why do I want to study at exactly that institution?
  • Why do I want to visit exactly that country?
  • What do I want to learn and how does this stay abroad fit into my life and career planning?
  • How would I like to represent the University of Bayreuth abroad?

For assistance in writing your motivation letter, contact the Writing Center at the University of Bayreuth.

Selection processHide

The selection process in the programmes takes between three and eight weeks.

The University of Bayreuth’s Presidential Advisory Committee for International Affairs decides on the eligibility of the applicants for the Global Programme and the PROMOS partial scholarship.

The selection process is based on the criteria of academic performance, motivation, and linguistic suitability.

It is important to note that there is a minimum number of credit points as well as a minimum language requirement that students must fulfil in order to be considered for selection.

Once all hurdles have been cleared, a score is calculated from the average grade and the letter of motivation and the places/scholarships are allocated on the basis of this score.

For study visits, all 1st priorities of the applicants are always considered first and then the 2nd or, if applicable, 3rd priority.

The Presidential Advisory Committee for International Affairs usually meets in December so that the decisions of the first selection round can be communicated to the students before Christmas.

For the Erasmus programme, the relevant representatives of the degree programmes decide on the distribution of the available places.

The selection by the subject-specific representatives usually takes a little more time, such that for Erasmus you can expect to hear back around the middle/end of February. In the meantime, please refrain from asking about the application status.


Applicants will be informed about the outcome of their applications via the MoveON platform or by e-mail. If you have been assigned one of your three priorities or a scholarship, you will have to confirm or decline the offer.

If you are not allocated a place in the first selection round, you have the opportunity to apply for further selection rounds.


Erasmus and Global applications can be submitted at the same time, but you have to decide on a place at the latest when you get your acceptance for a global host university. If you accept, you will drop out of the Erasmus selection process.

Remaining placesHide

Internal round for remaining places:

Together with the rejection, a list of remaining places will be sent to unsuccessful applicants, which is only accessible to the unsuccessful applicants of the first round. The submission of all documents by 1 December is a prerequisite for an application in the internal round!

Remaining spots for summer semester:

The second call for applications for spring semester only will take place from 01 July - 15 July.

Nomination and applications for the host universityHide

Nominations are made in periods specified by the host university. In the winter semester, this is usually from February to June, in the summer semester from August to November.

Acceptance of the nomination by the University of Bayreuth does not mean a legally binding acceptance for your semester abroad! The International Office nominates successful applicants at the host university, which may request further documents from the applicants.

After being requested to do so by the International Office of the host university or the University of Bayreuth, the application is submitted to the host university. The necessary documents can be found in the Fact Sheet or on the websites of the relevant universities.

You should wait until the host university issues a Letter of Acceptance before applying for a visa and booking flights.

Personal reportHide

After your return, you will submit your personal report to the International Office. This report is intended for students who are planning a semester abroad. Therefore, it is particularly important that you mention academic tips, everyday life, and processes such as applying for a visa, finding a flat, etc. Personal reports with photos are particularly welcome.

Additional information

Learning Agreement Hide

Preparing a Learning Agreement is compulsory for students in the Erasmus+ programme. Please use the Learning Agreement in the paper form. The template for the Learning Agreement can be found on our webpage under „Important documents for your Erasmus+ scholarship“.

For students in the Global Programme whose departments do not have their own guidelines for credit transfer, it is advisable to prepare a Learning Agreement, as this will already give your subject area representative an insight into the courses that you will be taking. This can make it easier for you to obtain credit from the programme coordinator after the stay.

Students who receive financial support through PROMOS are required to prepare and submit a signed Learning Agreement with at least 20 ECTS points (or the overseas equivalent).

The Learning Agreement is signed by the subject area representative and, if applicable, the representative of the International Office at the University of Bayreuth and at the host university. 20 ECTS points (or the equivalent from overseas) are the minimum per semester. As a rule, you will draw up your Learning Agreement before your departure. Changes can be made at a later date.


In the Erasmus Programme, every study place is coupled with automatic funding. No separate application is necessary here.

Students who are planning a stay in the Global Programme have the opportunity to apply for the PROMOS partial scholarship by way of the International Office.

Special attention should be paid to the application deadlines, which depend on the start of the planned stay:

  • 1 December for stays beginning in the first half of the following calendar year.
  • 1 June for stays beginning in the second half of the current calendar year.

You can already apply for a PROMOS partial scholarship even if you have not yet been accepted by the host university. If the semester abroad cannot take place as planned, you can re-apply for the PROMOS partial scholarship at a later date.

The following documents are required for application:

  • Copy of passport / national ID card
  • Brief CV with picture (max. one page)
  • Certificate of enrolment (from cmlife)
  • Language certificate
  • Proof of academic achievements (the current transcript of records from cmlife; for applicants in a master's programme who have not yet earned 20 ECTS points, the bachelor's transcript is accepted)
  • Letter of motivation

For the letter of motivation in the PROMOS programme, please use the corresponding template.

Submission of the documents:

After completing the online application, you must submit the following printed documents to the International Office by the applicable deadline:

  • Application pdf (generated by MoveON)
  • Letter of motivation

PROMOS applications should be handed in to Ms. Frisch/Ms. Paez: ZUV room 1.81 or in the blue letterbox next to the door.

You can find more information on funding opportunities for stays abroad here.

Leave of absenceHide

When you start planning your stay, you will also face the question of taking a leave of absence.

A leave of absence means that study and examination achievements at the University of Bayreuth cannot be completed during the period of the leave of absence. However, it is possible to repeat failed examinations. Credits from abroad up to 20 ECTS points can be taken despite the leave of absence.

Semesters of leave do not count as semesters of study, but as university semesters. This is especially important in degree programmes with a limited number of semesters of study.

More detailed information on the deadlines and effects of a leave of absence can be found on the website of the Student Administration Office.

Application forms/portalsHide
All application forms / portals can be found here.
Translation of study documentsHide

If you need a translation of your transcript or degree certificate, please use our templates and do the translation yourself. Please submit the original as well as the translation afterwards to our translator Daniel Mook (ZUV, office 0.11.4) for checking.

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