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General application process for a semester abroad

Many students ask themselves the question, "What is the right time to go abroad?" Applying in the 3rd semester of study to go abroad in the 5th semester of study is often the best option.

Depending on your degree programme, there may be certain things you need to keep in mind (e.g. basic courses, seminars, etc.). If you have any questions about these matters, please contact your programme coordinator.

You should start preparing about 1.5 years before you plan to go abroad. We have compiled a more detailed schedule for you below.

​Schedule for preparing and applyingHide

Start gathering information

ca. 1 – 1.5 years before going abroad

Look into the exchange programmes and opportunities available to you as early as possible in your studies.

In particular, pay attention to:

  • the various exchange programmes
  • potential destinations
  • required language skills/certificates


ca. 1 year before going abroad

The International Office offers consultations in several forms:

  • presentations of specific programmes
  • appointments in the International Office
  • appointments by telephone
  • E-learning course: going abroad during your studies
  • appointments via Zoom

Apply for a place in an
​exchange programme

ca. 9 months before going abroad

This first application via the MoveOn platform is an in-house procedure and does not yet guarantee acceptance by the host university.

You can apply for the ERASMUS programme and the GLOBAL programme simultaneously.

The following documents are required for the application:

  • enrolment certificate
  • university language certificate
  • trancript of records
  • cover letter
  • CV

Application deadline for going abroad in the following academic year (winter or summer term):
1 December

Accept the place offered to you

ca. 8 months before going abroad

If your application is successful, you will be offered a place at one of your three priorities.

You then have two options:

  • accept the place (and end the application process),
  • decline and wait for the results of other applications.

The processing of applications varies from one programme to the next.

For all students who do not receive a place in the 1st round, rounds for the remaining places are held January- March.

Transfer of student data to the host university

ca. 6 months before going abroad

The International Office transfers your data to the host university. This is known as nomination.

The nomination deadline depends on the host university.

You may have to provide additional information.

Apply on your own to the host university

ca. 3-5 months before going abroad

Once your nomination has been confirmed, the host university will invite you to apply

The invitations/requests to apply vary from university to university

Apply for a PROMOS partial scholarship if you will be staying in a non-European country

Arrival of letter of acceptance
from the host university

ca. 4 months- a few weeks before going abroad

Your stay is not officially finalized until you receive a Letter of Acceptance.

You can now sort out the following:

  • visa
  • travel arrangements
  • insurance for your stay abroad
  • etc.

The application process for a semester abroad can be divided into two basic steps:

In the first step, the application is carried out at the University of Bayreuth. The suitability of this application is checked internally at the University of Bayreuth. This is not yet a statement about the final acceptance at the partner university.

The second step is the application to the partner university. To do this, you must submit the documents required by the respective university and wait for the decision of the foreign university. Your stay at the partner institution will only be confirmed once you have received the "Letter of Acceptance".

The application process is described in detail below.


You will find an overview of our partner universities with which student exchange is possible on our MoveOn page. The MoveON Publisher also links to the website of each university, where you can find information about course selection options. Under the tab "Study Reports" you will find reports of Bayreuth students who have already studied there.

  • You are enrolled as a regular student at the University of Bayreuth.
    Exchange students are not eligible to participate in the Erasmus+ programme.
  • You have sufficient language skills in the language of instruction and can prove this by a certificate.
  • You have already earned at least 20 ECTS points in your degree programme.
    (MA students can use the BA credits)
  • Erasmus:
    You have not yet exhausted your maximum Erasmus allocation.
    Up to 12 months can be funded per study phase (BA, MA, PhD). Programme that lead to state examinations (e.g. law, teaching) are allocated 24 months.
    There is a contract between the University of Bayreuth and the host institution in your field of study.
  • Global:
    There is a contract between the University of Bayreuth and the host institution.

Please note that the above points are requirements of the International Office and the Erasmus+ programme. Your department may have defined further admission requirements.

Applying via MoveONHide

Register using the relevant application form, together with your personal information, and upload your documents in the corresponding fields. You can access your application again and again until the application deadline, however, incomplete applications cannot be considered after the application deadline!

You have 3 priorities in each application, which you can divide between universities in the Erasmus and Global Programme.

You will need to submit the following documents:

  • Proof of academic achievement (the current excerpt from CampusOnline; for master’s applicants who have not yet earned 20 ECTS points, the bachelor's certificate is accepted)
  • Language certificate
  • Letter of motivation
  • brief CV (up to one page) short curriculum vitae with picture (max. one page)

Submitting your documents:

You must submit your printed application to the International Office by the relevant deadline.

  • Application PDF (generated via MoveON, first three pages, personal data)
  • Letter of motivation

For the motivation letter in the PROMOS and Global programme please use the appropriate template.
The letter of motivation for Erasmus should be written in free form.

When writing a letter of motivation for your Erasmus application, please note the following information:

Contents of the letter of motivation (1 page in length; line spacing 1.15; font size 12, free form if you wish):

  • Why do you want to study at that institution in particular?
  • Why do you want to study in that country in particular?
  • What do you hope to learn and how does this stay abroad fit into your life and career planning?
  • How do you intend to represent the University of Bayreuth abroad?

Erasmus applications must be submitted to Anna Lehnig: ZUV Room 1.89 or in the green letterbox next to the door.

Global applications must be submitted to Maria Frisch/Sabine Paez: ZUV Room 1.81 or in the blue letterbox next to the door.

Selection process and decisionHide

1st Round:

The application deadline for the following academic year (winter semester + summer semester) is 1 December for both Erasmus and Global programmes.

The Presidential Advisory Board for International Affairs at the University of Bayreuth decides on the suitability of applicants for the Global programmes.

For the Erasmus applicants, the representatives of the relevant degree programmes decide on the distribution of available places.

The Presidential Advisory Committee for International Affairs usually meets in December, allowing decisions for the first selection round to be sent to the students before Christmas.

The selection process carried out by the Erasmus representatives usually takes a little more time, meaning that decisions concerning Erasmus applications are sent out middle/end of February. Please refrain from questions about the application status in the meantime.

If you are not allocated a place in the first selection round, you still have the opportunity to apply for further selection rounds.

2nd Round:

Together with their letter of denial, unsuccessful applicants are sent a list of remaining places that is only accessible to applicants who were not successful in the first round. To be considered in the second round, your documents must be submitted by 1 December!

3rd Round:

During the semester break, usually in March, remaining places are advertised, for which all students can apply again. Up-to-date information is published on the International Office homepage and in the Facebook group International Office - Going Abroad.

4th Round:

The last remaining places will be announced in the summer semester, but only for the summer semester of the following year.

Applicants will be informed about the outcome of the application via MoveON. If one your three priorities was assigned to you, you will need to accept or deny the offer.

General InformationHide

Erasmus and global applications may be submitted at the same time, but you must decide on one, at latest when you are accepted for a host university in the global area. If you accept, you will withdraw from the selection process for Erasmus.

Your nomination + applying to the host institutionHide

A confirmation for the nomination by the University of Bayreuth does not yet mean a legally binding confirmation for the semester abroad! The International Office nominates successful applicants for the host university, which can then request further documents from the applicant. You should not worry about applying for a visa and buying flights until the host university issues a Letter of Acceptance. Nominations are made in periods specified by the host university. For the winter semester you can usually expect a reply in May or June, for the summer semester in September or October.

Learning AgreementHide

The creation of a Learning Agreement is mandatory for Erasmus+ students. If possible, the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) should be used for studying abroad. You will receive the invitation to create the Online Learning Agreement once you are assigned an exchange place.

Students who receive financial support from PROMOS are obligated to draw up and sign a Learning Agreement with at least 20 ECTS points (or the equivalent from overseas).

For students in the Global programme, it is recommended that a Learning Agreement be drawn up, as this gives a representative of the subject area an insight into the courses that the student will take. This can make it easier for you to get credit approved by the programme coordinator after your stay.

The Learning Agreement is signed by the representative of the International Office at the University of Bayreuth and the host university. At least 20 ECTS points (or the equivalent from overseas) are required per semester. As a rule, you will draw up your Learning Agreement before your departure. Changes can still be made at a later time.

Leave of absenceHide

When you start planning your stay, you will also be considering the question of a leave of absence.

As a result of a leave of absence, study and examination credits for the University of Bayreuth cannot be completed during the period of the leave of absence. However, it is possible to repeat examinations that have not been passed. Up to 20 ECTS points can be earned abroad despite a leave of absence.

Leave semesters do not count as a semester of study, but as a semester at a university. This detail is particularly important in programmes with a limited number of semesters.

More detailed information on the deadlines and effects of a leave of absence can be found on the website of the Student Administration Office.

Personal reportsHide

You are expected to submit your personal report to the International Office right away once you return. Such reports are read by students planning their semester abroad. Therefore, it is particularly important to include not only academic tips but also everyday life and processes such as applying for a visa, finding a place to live, etc. We especially appreciate personal reports that include photos.
As an alternative to the report, which should comprise at least two pages, you can also submit a short video. Videos should also address the above-mentioned points and should be around two minutes in duration.

Application formsHide

Application form Outgoing Global
Application form Outgoing Promos
Application form Outgoing Erasmus SMS
Application form Outgoing Erasmus SMP

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