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Free Movers

If you do not find a suitable partner university for your semester abroad in our exchange database, you also have the option of spending one or two semesters at a university of your choice as a "free mover". The following information should help you to organize your stay abroad.

Please remember to register your stay abroad with the International Office!

Planning your stay abroad

  • Find a university that offers a suitable study programme for you and clear up the most basic questions such as the destination country, timing, and duration of the stay abroad.

  • Find out more about the higher education system in your destination country, for example using the website Länderinformationen - DAAD (and check the links provided), the information provided by the Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen (Anabin), or World Education Services.

  • Check directly with the International Office of your selected university to see if and how you can apply as a free mover. Depending on the university, a "free mover" may also be referred to as a "visiting student"/"study abroad student" or "non-degree student".

Agencies such as Asia Exchange, College Contact, IEC Online, Institute Ranke-Heinemann, Studium DownUnder, GOstralia!-GOzealand!, Amerikahaus can assist you in planning your stay abroad as a free mover free of charge.


Students must finance any stay as a free mover on their own.

AuslandsBAföG can be used to cover tuition fees in part or in full.

Additional funding options can be found under Funding.

Registering with the International OfficeHide

The International Office records all study-related stays abroad in order to identify, for example, which goals are of particular interest to Bayreuth's students or in which study programmes international exchange requires more support. Registration also ensures that the home university is aware of any students staying in a crisis area.

We ask that you please fill out and submit our Form for Free Movers as soon as you have received a letter of admission from foreign university to which you applied.

Personal reportsHide

Reports provided by former students can be helpful in deciding where to study abroad. These reports can be found here, via the e-Learning platform by searching for Praktikum / Kurzaufenthalte im Ausland – Erfahrungsberichte.

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