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Welcome Services

Welcome to the University of Bayreuth! Our campus is home to students, teaching staff, and researchers from well over 100 different countries. The Welcome Services offers an extensive range of services to help you adjust to your new surrounding and grow your network.

Before you arrive in Bayreuth

Entering Germany / VisasHide

Please read the DAAD’s information on studying and researching in Germany

Entry requirements for students

Information on entry requirements for students can be found under the following links:

Entry requirements for international staff, doctoral researchers, and visiting scholars

Foreign citizens usually require a visa for entry to Germany.

The following groups do not require a visa to enter Germany and need only present valid travel documents (generally in the form of a passport):

  • EU citizens
  • Citizens of countries in the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Family members (spouses, minors, and unmarried adult children) of EU and EAA citizens from countries outside the EU and EAA, as long as they have a valid residence permit in another EU or EAA country
  • Swiss citizens
  • Citizens of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand, and the USA
  • Researchers from the Schengen Area, or researchers who are carrying out their research activities in Germany for no more than 3 months within a 12-month period.                                                                                                       

Types of visas

1. Schengen (i.e. European) visas for short stays of up to 3 months
2. national (i.e. German) visas for stays that are longer than 3 months: International visiting scholars who will be staying in Germany for over 3 months must obtain a national visa prior to entering Germany. They will be required to submit the following:

  • evidence of a concrete employment offer,
  • evidence that one is able to cover his or her cost of living, e.g. by submitting a letter of award for a scholarship or an employment contract
  • the requisite health insurance coverage.

National visas issued for research stays are generally valid for 3 months. The visa can then be extended to a residence permit to accommodate a longer stay. For further details, please see the DAAD’s Information on Entry and Residence. (Please note that we can not take responsibility for the information given by DAAD)

Arrival in BayreuthHide

Bayreuth is easy to reach by train (Deutsche Bahn) from all major airports in Germany. You can find more information here: http://www.bayreuth.de/english/economy/welcome-service/arrival/in-the-middle-of-europe/

Health insuranceHide

Before you travel to Germany, take out a health insurance policy that at least covers your travel to Germany and your first few weeks in the country. More detailed information is available from the following:

  • Information on health insurance for students is available from the DAAD.
  • International doctoral researchers, postdocs, and other international guests will find more information on the homepage of EURAXESS.

Please ensure that you have a valid health insurance policy upon arrival and during the first few weeks in Germany.


Accommodations for students

Bayreuth has a number of student dormitories (both private dormitories and dormitories offered by the Association for Student Affairs) and a vast array of private rooms available. 

Under no circumstances should you assume that you will be assigned a room in the student dormitories! You will need to actively search for a room on your own – either in a private dormitory or on the private market.

More information on accommodations for students is available here: www.uni-bayreuth.de/en/studium/wohnungsangebote

Please also read the DAAD’s information on searching for an apartment

Accommodations for international guests

All other international guests are requested to register via the Welcome Services Database (WelSe).

Accommodations for short visits

For short visits, we recommend searching for accommodations on airbnb. In addition, a limited number of apartments are available in the Alexander von Humboldt Guesthouse.

Preschools and schoolsHide

In Bayreuth there is one general application form for day-care. Parents can specify their first choice of day-care centre on the application form (overview of day-care centres). Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a space will be free. Fees are determined on the basis of demand. A current price list is available at the Youth Welfare Office.

In Germany, children are required to attend school starting at the age of six. If you will be spending longer than six months in Bayreuth, your children will need to attend school during your time here. The Welcome Centre is happy to help you register your children for school. The elementary school your child will attend is generally determined by the neighbourhood in which you live. In certain circumstances, parents can submit a waiver request.

After elementary school, parent can choose which school their children attend. You can find a list and description of the schools in Bayreuth here: Schools in Bayreuth

Database Welcome CentreHide

We offer a broad range of services for international staff, doctoral researchers, and visiting scholars (PhD students, researchers, visiting professors). To take advantage of these services, you will need to register in the Welcome Centre Database. Please note that registration is only possible for the groups mentioned above.

​Registration for the buddy programmeHide

Information about the buddy programme can be found here.

Orientation Week for StudentsHide

Semester dates

  • Winter Semester: 1 October to 31 March
  • Summer Semester: 1 April to 30 September

Language courses

The University of Bayreuth offers an intensive German language course (for which a fee is charged) prior to the start of the semester. Click the link below to register:

  • Deutsch-Intensiv-Kurs  


To ensure you an easy orientation at the beginning we offer a mandatory Orientation Week! Important information about the university routine will be provided and you can ask first questions about classes, schedules, etc. The Preparatory Course takes place from October 9th  to 13th  2018 and will provide you with important information about studying at the University of Bayreuth.

During your stay in Bayreuth


Information on enrolment can be found under Degree Students.

Residence Registration OfficeHide

You are required to register your address with the town of Bayreuth at the city hall (Einwohnermeldeamt) within two week of arriving in Bayreuth. Residence registration is not required if you will be staying in Bayreuth for less than 90 days.

To register your address at the city hall you will need your passport and your address in Bayreuth as well as a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung, which is a form for your landlord to confirm your stay in his/her accommodations. The form can be found on the website of the Residence Registration Office – unfortunately, the rental contract itself will not suffice.

You can make an appointment online to avoid lengthy waits (select “1” next to “Anmeldung”, then click “weiter”, and select your appointment from the available appointments).

Einwohner- und Wahlamt
Neues Rathaus, 3rd floor
Luitpoldplatz 13
95444 Bayreuth

Foreigners AuthorityHide

Residence permits for international students, scholars, and staff

The type of residence permit you need depends on the purpose of your stay. The Foreigners Authority (Auslandsamt/Ausländerbehörde) can provide you with information about the different types of permits available. The four types of residence permits that usually come into question for members of the University of Bayreuth are as follows:

  • for students
  • for staff
  • for researchers
  • The EU Blue Card

Any visitor who is planning an extended stay in Germany and who is not from an EU or EAA country or from Switzerland will need to apply for a residence permit.

How to get your residence permit ...

The application form to apply for a residence permit can be found in the Formularcenter provided by the Foreigners Authority. Fill out the form and prepare the necessary documents. The Welcome Centre is happy to provide a print-out of the application form for you as well.

How to extend your residence permit ...

The applicaton form to extend your residence permit can also be found in the Foreigner Authority’s Formularcenter. Fill out the form and prepare the necessary documents. The Welcome Centre can also provide a print-out of the form.

The type of documents you will need to bring to the Foreigners Authority depends on the purpose of your stay. The most important documents are:

  • confirmation that you have registered your address with the town of Bayreuth. You will not be able to make an appointment with the Foreigners Authority (Ausländeramt) until you have reported your address to Bayreuth’s Residence Registration Office (Einwohner- und Wahlamt).
  • passport
  • a passport photo
  • the residence permit form (filled out)
  • your rental agreement stating the size of the apartment in square metres (minimum size requirements: 12 m² for each adult, and 6 m² for each child)
  • evidence of funds to cover your cost of living (a “blocked account”, scholarship award letter, employment agreement)
  • the requisite health insurance coverage for your stay in Germany
  • If applicable, a letter of acceptance or proof of enrolment provided by the University of Bayreuth

Please schedule an appointment with the responsible Foreigners Authority in advance by e-mail. In Bayreuth, Christian Wagner is currently responsible for the University of Bayreuth’s students and visiting scholars.

​Campus mapHide

You can find the map here.

​Selecting coursesHide

The course catalogue is always published shortly before the start of the semester. Students who would like to select their courses beforehand (e.g. for their Learning Agreements) are asked to base their course selection on the course catalogue for the prior year (same semester). Once the courses and schedules are published, you will still be able to change or update your choice.

Information on the curriculumHide

The programme coordinator responsible for your programme can answer questions about courses or the material covered. If you have questions about the Credit Transfer System (ECTS), please contact the relevant subject-specific coordinator (Fachkoordinatoren/innen). In addition, faculty tutors (Fakultätstutoren/innen), who are students at the University of Bayreuth themselves, can help you plan what courses to take.

Language coursesHide

The Language Centre at the University of Bayreuth offers language courses for students that last one semester each. More detailed information and opportunities to attend language courses as visiting students can be found on the Language Centre homepage.

Intensive German language courses are offered by Bayreuth’s Institute for International Communication and Cultural Relations (IIK Bayreuth). You also have the option of taking language courses at Bayreuth’s Volkshochschule (VHS).


Open a giro account

If you plan to stay in Germany for a while, to receive a salary or scholarship payments, or to pay rent, it will be important to open a giro account at a bank. You can open a giro account by visiting a branch of any bank. You will need to bring along your passport and evidence of having registered your address with the town of Bayreuth. Some banks also require you to show your residence permit.

The various banks offer similar packages, but fees tend to vary. It is thus advisable to look up what the banks offer in advance. You will receive an EC (electronic cash) card/ debit card once you open your account. Using this card you will be able to withdraw cash free of charge from your home bank’s ATMs and for an additional fee from the ATMs at other banks. Most banks are open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Transferring money

Transferring money from abroad can be expensive. It is therefore advisable to speak with your bank at home before coming to Germany to ask about the fees and to see whether they cooperate with any German banks.

Payment methods

Most shops, restaurants, and companies will accept cash or EC card payment; some accept credit cards. Cash is the preferred payment method when you are only spending a few euros, for example in a café.

Private liability insuranceHide

We strongly recommend getting private liability insurance for your stay in Germany

​Television license Hide

Paying you TV license fees

As soon as you have officially reported your address, your information will be forwarded to the ARD and ZDF. More detailed information on the TV license fee is available in several different languages. 

Don’t ignore the letter you receive from “Beitragsservice”!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask the Welcome Centre.

​Semester programme for studentsHide

Information on Semester programme for students can be found here.

​Events and local initiativesHide

Regulars’ Table

The Welcome Centre offers a monthly get-together for international guests and staff at the University of Bayreuth. We always meet on the last Wednesday of the month. This is a good chance not only to ask questions regarding your stay in a warm atmosphere but also to network and start meeting people in Bayreuth.


The Welcome Centre welcomes you to monthly trips in and around Bayreuth. The trips are a good opportunity to get to know the area better and experience a lot of interesting tours and places.

​International Club

The International Club is a registered non-profit organization, which invites you to participate in its activities designed to help you and your family ease into life in Bayreuth. The International Club’s events include a monthly get-together as well as parties and excursions. More information can be found on the homepage of the International Club.


The VHS offers a range of courses including language courses.

Events in the town of Bayreuth

You can find news and information about things going on in town can be found on the homepage of Bayreuth’s Marketing and Tourism Office.

University groups


​Recreation & Sports


​Music & Culture


Events on Campus


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