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PROMOS Partial Scholarship

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) funds the "PROMOS" programme from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

PROMOS bewegt (daad.de) is a DAAD report of the same name in which interesting people tell how and why PROMOS moves them. Let yourself be inspired and informed!

The programme promotes the mobility of students at the University of Bayreuth outside of Europe with the aim of increasing existing mobility

The application and selection process is carried out at the International Office of the University of Bayreuth, not at the DAAD.

Interested students are asked to please contact Mrs. Paez at the UBT International Office.

Advising of students takes place during the open digital consultation hour, Mondays from 9am-10am, or by appointment.

General application requirementsHide

Applications are open to students enrolled at the University of Bayreuth, who:

  • have German citizenship,
  • are on equal legal terms with Germans with respect to sections 8(1)(2ff), (2), (2a) and (3) BAföG,
  • are non-German students or university graduates enrolled in a course of study at the University of Bayreuth with the aim of obtaining a degree,
  • have not received a PROMOS Scholarship at the University of Bayreuth in the past.

Students without German citizenship are not allowed to stay in their home country. The home country is the country in which the student has mainly been living for at least the past five years.

As a rule, PROMOS funding is not granted to doctoral students. You can find DAAD scholarship opportunities for doctoral students here.

The Graduate School of the University of Bayreuth also provides information about other funding opportunities available during the doctorate.

Funding measuresHide

At the University of Bayreuth, the following types of foreign projects in non-European countries can be funded within the framework of PROMOS. Physical mobilities are the norm for funding.

Study visits

  • Duration of stay: at least 1 month
  • Maximum funding period: 1-3 months

Students of all degree programmes are eligible for funding.

Study visits to partner institutions of the University of Bayreuth are given priority. “Free mover” projects (self-organized exchanges) are given secondary priority.

Students who receive financial support through PROMOS are required to prepare and submit a signed Learning Agreement with at least 20 ECTS points (or the overseas equivalent).

Final theses and student research projects at companies or universities are eligible for funding. Confirmation of supervision from a professor at the University of Bayreuth and a supervisor from the host institution are to be submitted prior to the start of funding.

In exceptional cases, final theses and student research projects that are neither carried out at a university nor at a company can be funded if the relevant department fully supports the project and the student submits a detailed timetable that can later also be used to monitor success.

Study Abroad in the areas covered by Erasmus+ are excluded from the PROMOS Scholarship.

Internship stays

  • Duration of stay: at least 6 weeks
  • Maximum funding period: 1 – 3 months

Students of the University of Bayreuth can be receive funding during internships related to their studies carried out in non-European countries.

Students with the firm intention of completing an internship abroad can apply in due time (see point 4.0) without an internship contract and subsequently submit the necessary documents prior to the beginning of the funding period.

Internships eligible for the DAAD's specific internship programmes such as IAESTE, Goethe Institute, German schools abroad, German Embassies, etc. may not be funded via PROMOS. Further information is available at the DAAD.

Internships in the areas covered by Erasmus+ are excluded from the PROMOS Scholarship.

Specialized language courses

  • Duration: 3 weeks – 6 months

Language courses at universities or established language institutions with a minimum of 25 hours of lessons per week can be supported.

Students with the firm intention of taking a specialized language course in the following calendar year can apply in due time (see point 4.0) without a letter of acceptance and submit the letter of acceptance later in the course of the funding year.

Funding scopeHide

Partial scholarship for a stay abroad

Nominated scholarship holders from the University of Bayreuth receive a partial scholarship for a visit within the framework of PROMOS. The monthly partial scholarship instalment amount depends on the country. An overview of the scholarship amounts by country is available here.

The amount of funding depends on the available budget and the number of applicants.  It is normally for a funding period of 1-3 months. Visits are generally only funded by way of partial scholarships.

The scholarships are disbursed in the form of a one-off payment.

In the category Subject-Specific Courses and Language Courses, a lump sum of €500 can be paid as an alternative to the partial scholarship for a visit.

Partial scholarship for mobility

Please note that partial scholarships for mobility (flat-rate travel allowance) are not generally granted at the University of Bayreuth. We will inform you if there are exceptions to this rule.

Possible combinations of PROMOS with other scholarships

  • DAAD Individual Scholarships and PROMOS Scholarships may not be used at the same time.
  • The Germany Scholarship and the PROMOS grants can be received simultaneously without restriction.
  • Funding from separate German public funding providers is not permitted. If stays abroad are supported by German public funds, the purpose pursued is decisive. This means that PROMOS funding is not possible if the same purpose is already being pursued using German public funding.
  • Scholarships from private funds can be obtained without restriction in addition to PROMOS scholarships.
  • Remunerated activities during the term of the scholarship may only be carried out with the consent of the project host.

Please note that PROMOS funding must be reported to other public German scholarship providers.

If you receive BAföG, you are obligated to report your PROMOS scholarship to the responsible office for foreign BAföG.

PROMOS ApplicationHide

PROMOS applications are filled in and submitted via the MoveOn portal. The application forms opens on October 15th and April 15th. Please note that incomplete or late applications will be excluded from the application procedure.


  • 1 December for stays taking place in the first half of the funding year (January – June
  • 1 June for stays taking place in the second half of the funding year (July – December)
  • The PROMOS Acceptance Form for nominees must be submitted to the International Office by the deadline given in the nomination letter via email to outgoing-global-promos@uni-bayreuth.de.

Application documents

  • Transcript of Records
  • (PDF from Campus Online/ CM Life) If the applicant has not yet achieved 20 ECTS points in the master’s programme, the bachelor's certificate serves as proof of the average grade.
  • Letter of motivation The template for the letter of motivation with the points to be addressed can be found in the online application form and here.
  • Language certificate (DAAD, IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL, etc.)
    Official proof of your language skills in the teaching or working language.
    In case of the working language German, please submit proof of skills in the national language.
    The proof must not be older than two years (exception: Transcript of Records).
    If you have any questions regarding other language certificates, please contact the International Office.
  • Enrolment certificate at UBT
  • Passport copy
  • Letter of acceptance from the hosting university / internship or supervision letter if available

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered. Late applications are excluded from the application procedure.

Retroactive applications are excluded from the application process.

Selection criteriaHide

A qualitative selection of scholarship holders is made on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Language certificate (language hurdle model)
  • Grades (75%)
  • Meaning and purpose of the planned stay for the further course of studies (25%)

The language hurdle model is used for quality assurance in the selection process. Successful applicants must prove that they have sufficient knowledge of the foreign language of instruction or working language in the form of a current language certificate. Candidates who do not pass this language test will not be considered.

Application and selection procedureHide

Please note that only complete applications received by the closing date will be considered for the selection procedure. Applications with missing or invalid proof of language proficiency will be excluded from the further procedure.

Your completed application documents will be evaluated on the basis of a point system, whereby your academic performance will be weighted at 75% and your motivation at 25%. The Presidential Advisory Committee for International Affairs decides on the selection of the scholarship holders on the basis of the files.

Applicants who have been classified as eligible for funding and who have not received a nomination due to insufficient funding will be placed on a waiting list. In the event of additional funding being granted by the DAAD or of cancellations among the selected scholarship holders, applicants can move up from the waiting list. Should this occur, the relevant applicants will be contacted immediately by email.

You will be informed of the result of your application in the selection procedure in December or in June.

Nominated applicants will receive a binding PROMOS acceptance certificate via email, which must be signed and submitted to the International Office by email (outgoing-global-promos@uni-bayreuth.de) by the deadline provided.

Travel warnings and general insurance informationHide

Travel warnings

If the Federal Foreign Office has issued a travel warning for the country or region in question, the University of Bayreuth may not conclude or issue a scholarship agreement/scholarship confirmation. Mobility for teaching purposes does not belong to the category of "non-essential and tourist travel".

If the Federal Foreign Office issues a travel warning after the start of the stay, the scholarship holders are requested to leave for Germany.

Scholarship holders are advised to register on the website of the Federal Foreign Office (electronic registration: "Elefand"), especially when travelling to regions with a critical security situation.

For information on general security precautions for trips abroad, please visit the homepage of the DAAD.

Scholarship holders should continue to check regularly on the current travel and security situation in their host country during their stay. We advise downloading the Foreign Office app and checking the country-specific information for your host country.

General insurance information

For the duration of the stay abroad, sufficient insurance coverage is required. Scholarship holders should obtain information about this directly from their insurance company or from the DAAD.

It is advisable to take out supplementary international health insurance and liability insurance that provides coverage in the relevant host country.

Please note that neither the PROMOS scholarship of the DAAD nor the International Office of the University of Bayreuth offers insurance coverage and that scholarship holders have to pay for these services themselves

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