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Going Abroad

"Exchange isn't a year in your life, it's a life in a year!"

Increasing globalization means that incorporating study abroad into your studies is becoming more and more important. Study periods spent abroad contribute not only to your personal development but also to your professional qualifications. A recent study by the DAAD and the Institute of the German Economy (IW) highlights the importance of a stay abroad not only for students' entry into the workforce, but also for their later career paths.

A stay abroad can take a variety of different forms. Examples include a semester abroad, an internship, writing your final thesis, or taking language courses abroad. The University of Bayreuth offers a range of different ways to go abroad and supports you in planning and financing your project.

Stay abroad possobilites during study

Study abroadHide

Study visit within Europe

The Erasmus+ programme offers the possibility of spending a semester in a European country other than your own while receiving financial support.

Here you will find further information on study visits within Europe.

Study visit to a non-European country

The University maintains contracts with almost 200 partner institutions in non-European countries, spanning all continents. As a rule, these contracts are not subject-specific, meaning that your eligibility does not depend on your degree programme. Thanks to these partnerships, most of the universities do not charge tuition fees.

At some partner institutions, there is only a so-called study abroad option, which reduces tuition fees but does not completely eliminate them.

Here you will find further information on study visits to non-European countries.

Free movers

If you cannot find a suitable university among our partner institutions, you can opt to organize and finance your stay abroad on your own as a so-called “free mover”.

Agencies such as IEC, Gostralia etc. can provide assistance with the organisation.

Here you will find an overview of our partner universities for student exchange

Internship abroadHide

A stay abroad in the form of an internship during your studies is becoming increasingly important. The International Office will be happy to advise you on searching for an internship and financing options.

Here you will find further information for your internship abroad.

Short visitsHide

A short stay abroad offers the opportunity to gain experience abroad within a short period of time and to establish contacts. Many of the short visits take place during the semester break and can therefore be easily integrated into the regular course of studies.

Financial support is available for certain visits to non-European countries in the scope of PROMOS. Short visits are not funded by the Erasmus+ programme.

Further information on short visits and financing options can be found on the pages for European and non-European countries.

Stay abroad as a lecturer / employee

Lecturer and staff mobilityHide

The International Office offers scholars and staff members the opportunity to go abroad by way of cooperation agreements with foreign institutions. The Erasmus+ programme provides partial financial support for exchanges in Europe.

Here you will find further information on lecturer and staff mobility.

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