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Funding opportunities outside of Europe

An internship in a non-European country has many advantages for your personal and professional future. It is also a particularly valuable experience for your entire life.

However, an internship far away is unfortunately also associated with high costs: travel, accommodations, food, insurance, a visa, and vaccinations are some of the biggest costs. A paid internship can help to cover the costs, but there are also many other ways to secure financial support for the project. A combination of funding options is possible in many cases and should be clarified in advance.

We advise you to plan enough lead time when looking for funding opportunities, as application deadlines sometimes have to be observed well in advance. In many cases, it is worthwhile to consider the funding opportunities and submit applications/proposals before the internship is actually confirmed.

PROMOS partial scholarshipsHide

The International Office offers the possibility to support study-related, self-organized internships outside Europe by means of the DAAD's PROMOS scholarship.

The prerequisite here is a minimum duration of six weeks. A confirmed internship is not yet necessary at the time of application and can be provided at a later date.

Applications are accepted at two deadlines per year via the MoveOn platform of the International Office:

  • 1 December for mobilities with a planned start from January - June of the following year.
  • 1 June for mobilities with a planned start from July - December of the current year.

Exceptions are internships for which specific internship programmes of the DAAD can be used. These include IAESTE, German missions abroad, teacher education programmes, Goethe Institutes.

Likewise, internships in the ERASMUS+ area & Switzerland are excluded from PROMOS funding.

Please note that PROMOS is a partial scholarship, which can usually only support your stay on a pro-rata basis. Mobility (travel costs) is not usually funded.

 You can find more detailed information on the scholarship in the current announcement.

The contact person for the PROMOS scholarship is Sabine Paez.

DAAD scholarship databaseHide

The DAAD offers a large number of funding opportunities for non-European internships, all of which have been combined in a central scholarship database.

In addition, there are numerous DAAD programmes that arrange funded internships worldwide.

Country-specific scholarshipsHide

Other funding opportunities for your internship are country-specific scholarships.

For example, Bavarian university centres offer scholarship programmes for internships.

Here you will find a list of various country-specific funding opportunities. Please contact the relevant scholarship provider to find out more about application deadlines, the scope of funding and how it can be combined.

BAföG while abroadHide

Comprehensive funding for your internship abroad is also possible by means of BAföG. Even if you do not receive BAföG within Germany, you may qualify for BAföG abroad. This is mainly due to the different cost of living abroad. The BAföG office responsible for you depends on your destination country. You can find more detailed information on the website of the BAföG office.

We recommend that you submit your application at least six months before you plan to travel, as there are often lengthy processing times.

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