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Doctoral research at the University of Bayreuth

Your path to a doctoral degree - International Doctoral Candidates

International students who are interested in a doctorate at the University of Bayreuth must first find a supervisor at one of the respective doctoral institutions. Prospective students from abroad can only begin their doctorate once they have received confirmation of supervision from a university lecturer. The Team Incoming Degree checks the formal requirements for admission to a course of studies or preparation for a doctorate.

A quick and easy way to check whether the formal requirements for a doctorate have been met is to visit anabin, the official database of Germany’s Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK).

At Bavarian universities, doctoral candidates may enrol for up to three years. Some scholarship organisations require doctoral candidates to be enrolled.

Enrolment entitles individuals to a number of benefits and discounts

  • Semester ticket
  • Use of services offered by Student Services at the student price (cafeterias etc.)
  • Participation in UBT courses including sports courses and free language courses
  • Potential advantages with regard to right of residence for non-European doctoral candidates
  • Discounts on admission prices for leisure, cultural and sporting activities (e.g. cinema, gym)
  • Discounts on software, licences and media subscriptions
  • Doctoral candidates at UBT are entitled to use software licensed to the University for personal use like enroled students

Admission - Visa - Enrolment - Acceptance for doctorate

If you need a visa for study purposes to enter Germany, please submit an "Application for admission to doctoral studies" via the MOVEon portal. The enrolment will be completed by the student administration office once you’ve arrived. For both above mentioned steps you’ll need a confirmation of your online registration in the doctoral database of the University of Bayreuth "BayDoc".

BayDoc: Online-Registration for doctoral candidatesHide

BayDoc is the online registration platform for doctoral candidates at the University of Bayreuth. It’ll be an important platform during all phases of your doctorate.

The doctoral regulations of the Faculties and Graduate Centres at University of Bayreuth require an online registration of all doctoral candidates. The University of Bayreuth is legally obliged (HStatG as of 2 March 2016) to report this data annually to the Federal Statistical Office. Please find further information on HStatG here.

For doctoral candidates, the online registration procedure also elicits a number of socio-demographic characteristics. These are the subject of online registration.

To obtain access to the registration portal, a valid BT-identification of the IT service centre of the University of Bayreuth is required. If you do not yet have a valid access ID, please follow the instructions on the respective start pages for registration.


After your online registration, your request will be verified by your responsible supervisor. Once verified, you’ll be able to download and print the respective pdf for further use.

  • Conditional acceptance
    Once you have registered as a doctoral candidate at a faculty or graduate school and your supervisor has verified your registration, you will be issued a “Conditional Acceptance” which will allow you to enrol for two semesters in the doctoral subject stated therein.
  • Direct acceptance
    Please apply for acceptance for a doctorate at the respective doctoral institution as soon as possible. Only after acceptance for the doctorate, enrolment will be possible for a total period of 3 years provided for in the BayHSchG. This requires a confirmation of "Direct Acceptance" by the doctoral institution and must be presented to the student administration office before the end of the second semester at the very latest. Please contact your doctoral institution as early as possible in order to initiate the "direct acceptance" of your doctorate.

You need the "Conditional Acceptance" or "Direct Acceptance" stating your doctoral subject for your next steps:

  • Application for admission to doctoral studies via the MOVEon portal (International Office)
  • Enrolment for doctoral studies in CAMPUSonline through the student administration office
MOVEon: Application for admission to doctoral studies for international doctoral candidatesHide



  • Create an applicant account in MOVEon
  • Apply for the desired doctoral subject, which is specified on your “Conditional Acceptance” or “Direct Acceptance” from BayDoc. A list of the subjects in which you can enrol for the purpose of doing a doctorate can be found on the „PhD subjects“ page. 





  • Confirmation of registration in the BayDoc doctoral candidate database
    "Conditional Acceptance" or "Direct Acceptance"
  • Secondary school leaving certificate including subjects and grades
    original language + certified translation in German or English
  • Proof of bachelor's degree:
    Bachelor's certificate + complete transcript of records with an overview of subjects and grades
    original language + certified translation in German or English
  • Proof of master’s degree:
    Master's certificate + complete transcript of records with an overview of subjects and grades
    original language + certified translation in German or English
  • Curriculum vitae
    find out more

If you meet all the formal requirements for an admission for doctoral studies, you will receive the letter of admission with information on enrolment via email.
You may need this to apply for or change the status of your

Please note:

  • If your registration in BayDoc has been verified by a "Conditional Acceptance", you have not yet been accepted for a doctorate.
  • In this case, please contact your doctoral institution as early as possible in order to initiate the acceptance of your doctorate. The acceptance of the doctorate is confirmed by the "Direct Acceptance".
CAMPUSonline: Enrolment for doctoral studies through the student administration officeHide

Summary of the most important steps:

  • Please submit your documents to the student administration office as described in your admission.
  • If all documents have been submitted in full, you will be enrolled at the University of Bayreuth.
  • Once you have been enroled successfully by the student administration office, you will receive an e-mail containing all the information for your student account (username and PIN). You will then be able to download and printv out a certificate of enrolment.
  • Your campus card will be sent to you by post.

For further questions, please contact student administration office.

Please note:

This process concerns the enrolment of doctoral candidates for doctoral studies, not the doctorate itself.

Enrolment as a doctoral student does not imply, that the requirements for acceptance as a doctoral candidate at a faculty or graduate centre are also fulfilled.These requirements are based on the doctoral regulations of the respective faculty or graduate centre.

The University of Bayreuth Graduate School

The University of Bayreuth Graduate School supports the University’s doctoral researchers in a variety of different areas. Membership is open to all doctoral researchers at the University of Bayreuth, whether in a structured doctoral programme or working independently under the supervision of a professor at one of our seven faculties.

Living and working in Bayreuth

For all doctoral students who are new to the city, information about life in Bayreuth is offered. In order to be able to start your doctorate carefree, we want to support you comprehensively! You can find all the important information here.

Please note: The University of Bayreuth does not award any full scholarships.

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