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Doctoral research at the University of Bayreuth

International students who are interested in pursuing a doctorate at the University of Bayreuth have a few different options. You can do your doctoral research at one of our graduate centres or within one of the seven faculties in Bayreuth.

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International students who are interested in a doctorate at the University of Bayreuth must first find a supervisor. Prospective students from abroad can only begin their doctorate once they have received confirmation of supervision from a university lecturer. The International Office checks the formal requirements for admission to a course of studies or preparation for a doctorate. A quick and easy way to check whether the formal requirements for a doctorate have been met is to visit anabin, the official database of Germany’s Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK).

Please note: The University of Bayreuth does not award any full scholarships.

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Applicants with a university degree who already have a project outline for their doctoral research should directly contact the faculty or graduate centre relevant to their research project and request a confirmation of supervision for their doctorate. An overview of our graduate centres and faculties in addition to the online registration option can be found via the online registration platform for doctoral candidates (BayDoc).

Afterwards, you will need to apply with the confirmation provided by your supervisor using the MoveON platform.

Please note: Admission can only be granted to international applicants who apply via both platforms (BayDoc + MoveON).

University of Bayreuth Graduate School

The University of Bayreuth Graduate School supports the University’s doctoral researchers in a variety of different areas. Membership is open to all doctoral researchers at the University of Bayreuth, whether in a structured doctoral programme or working independently under the supervision of a professor at one of our six faculties.

Graduate School

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