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Some applicants must pass an aptitude assessment examination before commencing their studies in Germany. This examination is prepared for and taken at the so-called Studienkolleg. The preparatory course at the Studienkolleg usually takes 2 semesters.

How do I know if I have to attend the Studienkolleg?Hide

Before beginning a degree programme in Germany, you must first take the aptitude assessment examination at the Studienkolleg if you only have an indirect higher education entrance qualification (HZB).

Whether the HZB you earned in your home country qualifies you directly or indirectly for a degree programme in Germany can be looked up in advance using the anabin database, by selecting your country under "Suchen" and then clicking on your secondary school or university degree. If you have only an indirect HZB, anabin will display "Feststellungsprüfung/Studienkolleg".

Another option is the DAAD’s admissions database, which provides information on the assessment of degrees from numerous countries of origin in German and English, as well as the “Check: university admission” by uni-assist.

Also applicants with an IB diploma who meet one or more of the minimum requirements

How do I get the degree I want when I first have to attend a Studienkolleg?Hide

If you first have to attend a Studienkolleg before starting your studies in Germany, you have two options:

  • As a rule, you can turn the indirect higher education entrance qualification into a direct one by successfully studying for a certain number of semesters (cf. details in anabin) in your home country and submitting the corresponding transcript with your application.

It is important that this be a full-time programme with required attendance at an accredited higher education institution. You can also see whether this is the case for an institution via anabin by selecting your home country under "Institutionen" and searching for your university. If the status is H+, then it is an accredited institution.

Please also note that in this case your higher education entrance qualification will generally be subject-specific. This means that you may only study certain subjects in Germany (normally the subject you studied in your home country and related subjects).

  • You should apply directly to a German university and will be assigned to a Studienkolleg. The University of Bayreuth assigns the relevant applicants to the preparatory course at the Studienkolleg in Munich corresponding to their desired degree programme.

Before you can start attending courses at the Studienkolleg, you must first pass an entrance examination. You will usually be given two chances to pass this examination. Please note that unexcused absence is already considered a failed attempt. In such a case, please cancel your registration directly with the Studienkolleg in due time.

Once you have passed the entrance examination, you can enrol and attend the courses. The aptitude assessment examination is then normally taken after two semesters. If you pass these tests, you will receive a direct, subject-specific higher education entrance qualification for degree programmes that are assigned to the course you have taken.

You will then have to reapply to the university of your choice with the certificate of the aptitude assessment examination from the Studienkolleg.

Further information on the courses, the entrance examination and the Studienkolleg in Munich can be found here.

How and where do I apply for the Studienkolleg?Hide

You apply to the university at which you would later like to study. Since many applicants are often unsure whether they have to attend the Studienkolleg or whether they are allowed to study directly, there is no separate application process for the Studienkolleg at the University of Bayreuth. Instead, you should apply for the bachelor's programme you would like to enrol in, and we will check whether you meet the requirements for a direct course of study or whether you would first have to attend a Studienkolleg. If the latter turns out to be the case, we will inform you accordingly and automatically assign you to the Studienkolleg.

When should I apply for the Studienkolleg?Hide

The general application deadlines also apply to applications for the Studienkolleg. However, we recommend that applicants who already know that they have to apply for the Studienkolleg submit their applications by 15 June (Winter Semester) or 15 December (Summer Semester), as the entrance examinations for the Studienkolleg usually take place in February or September and it can otherwise be difficult to obtain a visa in time or to make travel arrangements.

Please note that for technical reasons, applications for the "M-Kurs” at the University of Bayreuth are only possible for Winter Semester.

Where can I find information about the entrance examination?Hide

You will find more detailed information on the entrance examination in your letter of assignment and on the website of the Studienkolleg in Munich. There you will also find sample questions.

I have already been assigned to the Studienkolleg by the University of BayreuthHide

You have already been assigned to Munich’s Studienkolleg by us and have questions about the entrance examination, the Studienkolleg, or you are unable to take the entrance examination? In this case, please contact the Studienkolleg in Munich directly.

You have already received an assignment to the Studienkolleg from us in advance, but were unable to take the last entrance examination or did not pass it and now need a new assignment?

If your application was submitted only 1-2 semesters ago, it is usually sufficient for you to contact us as soon as possible (by 15 January/ 15 July at the latest) by e-mail and inform us that you need a new letter of assignment.

If, on the other hand, your application was submitted earlier than that, please apply again regularly for the bachelor's programme to which you are seeking admission after attending the Studienkolleg. A new application will be necessary to ensure that the information and documents you provide are up-to-date.

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