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Proof of language proficiency for international applicants

Success in your studies requires that you have the necessary language skills. In order to avoid any problems with enrolment or even with your studies that could arise due to insufficient language skills, applicants must already prove at the time of application that they have sufficient knowledge of the formal language of instruction in their desired degree programmes.

If further language skills are required in a course of studies, these can usually be submitted at the time of enrolment, sometimes even later. More detailed information can be found in the examination regulations of the degree programmes.

German Language Skills

As a rule, at the time of application (unless otherwise specified in the respective examination regulations), proof of German language proficiency at the level of at least B2 must be provided.

Which language certificates are accepted as proof of German language proficiency?Hide

German language proficiency can be proven by submitting one of the following language certificates:

When the DSH-2 is required:

  • Telc C1 Hochschule
  • Goethe C2: Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom (GDS)
  • TestDaF (at least 16 points)
  • DSD Diploma (Level 2)
  • DSH2 certificate

When C1 is required:

  • Telc C1 Hochschule
  • Goethe C1
  • TestDaF (at least 16 points)
  • DSD Diploma (Level 2)
  • DSH2 certificate

When B2 is required:

  • Telc B2
  • Goethe B2
  • TestDaF (at least 14 points)
  • DSH1 certificate
I have none of the listed certificates at the level of at least B2.Hide

If at the time of application you do not yet have any of the listed language certificates but can present some other reliable language certificate showing that you have German language skills at the required level (but at least at the level of B2), you will be required to take our DSH examination. This examination is always held at the University of Bayreuth shortly before the start of the semester. Depending on the requirements of your desired course of studies, you must achieve at least DSH-1 or DSH-2 in the examination.

What happens if I don't pass or miss the DSH exam?Hide

If you cannot present proof passing the DSH examination with the required result or an exemption for enrolment, it will unfortunately not be possible to enrol.

I have applied for an English-taught master's programme. Do I have to prove my German language proficiency?Hide

As a rule, in addition to your knowledge of English, you must also prove your knowledge of German at the level A1 (e.g. with a Goethe or Unicert certificate). If you have no knowledge of German at the time of your application, you have the option of turning this in by the end of the 2nd semester.  German courses are offered at the University of Bayreuth’s Language Centre. More language courses in Bayreuth can be found through the IIK or the Volkshochschule.

English Language Skills

Unfortunately, there is no standardized policy for English-taught degree programmes. Please refer to the website or the study and examination regulations of the programme you are interested in or contact the relevant programme coordinator. TOEFL and IELTS certificates are generally accepted.

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