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Internship abroad

"The expert in anything was once a beginner!" - Helen Hayes

An internship abroad links studying and working in an international environment and provides insight into various fields of activity.

The International Office offers you the opportunity to apply for financial support for your internship in Europe and beyond.

Please note that any internship contract, as required by some companies and institutions, can only be concluded between the internship provider and the intern.

Please note that the International Office does not arrange internships for students.

Internship in Europe - SMPHide

In the EU, a self-organised internship in a company or other institution can be supported for at least 60 days via the ERASMUS Mobility Internship Programme. Information on the application process and grants is available here.

Under these links you will find Erasmus+ explanatory videos on the subject of internships in other European countries:


 The grant should be applied for about 2 months before the start of the internship.

Please fill in the application form for Erasmus SMP and send the PDF file generated at the end by e-mail to outgoing-erasmus@uni-bayreuth.de

Here you will find important information on how to apply to finance your internship:

Here you will find the necessary documents to apply for financing:

Sample Erasmus+ grant agreement forms:

If you are interested in the programme, please contact Anna Lehnig.

Internship in a non-European countryHide

Outside the EU, a self-organised internship in a company or other institution can be supported via the PROMOS programme and various DAAD funding programmes.


The University of Bayreuth awards partial scholarships to students of the University of Bayreuth for non-European visits abroad with funds from the PROMOS mobility programme.

Details concerning the current PROMOS announcement can be found here.

Application deadlines:

For projects starting in the first half of the year (January - June), please apply by 1 December of the previous year.

For projects starting in the second half of the year (July - December), please apply by 1 June of the respective year.

The International Office accepts applications via the MoveOn Platform.

If you have any questions about PROMOS, please contact Sabine Paez.

Insurance coverage during your internshipHide

When planning your stay abroad, please be sure to check for suitable insurance coverage, as neither the University of Bayreuth nor the DAAD can be held liable for any damage resulting from illness, accident, injury, or loss of or damage to property in connection with the funded projects.

You must ensure that you have sufficient insurance coverage during your stay - either by taking out private insurance or through the internship organization abroad.

Please note that insurance coverage should be in place for incidents at the internship site as well as on the way there and back home and for private matters.

Therefore, please clarify in advance with your internship organization whether you need to secure sufficient health, liability, and accident insurance coverage yourself.

It is possible to purchase combined health, accident, and private liability insurance through the DAAD. More information

Internships within the EU

Under certain conditions, members of a statutory health insurance plan in Germany can claim benefits from the regional health insurance fund of the host country on the basis of the social security agreements within the EU.

This requires a special proof of entitlement in the form of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Such cards are issued by the German health insurance providers and registered with the regional health insurance fund in the host country. As a rule, only medically necessary treatments are covered. It is therefore recommended that you seek detailed advice from your own health insurance provider and, if necessary, take out additional health insurance abroad and travel repatriation insurance.

ERASMUS SMP Internships

As a participant in the Erasmus SMP programme, you must have sufficient insurance coverage during your stay. We recommend taking out supplementary international health insurance and liability insurance that provides coverage in your host country.

While your national health insurance with the European Health Insurance Card generally provides basic coverage for your stay in another EU country, you may find that the coverage provided by the European Health Insurance Card or private insurance is insufficient, especially if repatriation or special medical procedures are needed. For such cases, supplementary private insurance may be beneficial. Therefore, we recommend that you check the conditions of your health insurance before the start of your mobility phase.

With regard to liability insurance, please note that this type of insurance covers damage caused by you during your stay abroad, regardless of whether you are at work or not - such as in the case of an internship abroad. We recommend that you check the conditions of your liability coverage in detail before the start of your mobility phase.

In addition, you should be able to demonstrate that you have accident insurance coverage. Such insurance covers damages at the expense of employees due to accidents at work. In many countries, employees are insured for accidents at work. If the host organization does not offer such protection, we strongly recommend that you take out appropriate insurance coverage before the start of your mobility phase.

Internships outside the EU

For most non-EU countries, supplementary insurance must be taken out. In any case, you should clarify with your health insurance provider whether and to what extent coverage abroad is provided, and how this could be supplemented if necessary.

Where can I find an internship?Hide

You can find valuable tips for your internship search in the brochure "DAAD-Auslandspraktikum” (DE)

Please note that the International Office does not arrange internships for students.

Links to the internship search:

The Bavarian university centers publish special offers for their regions:

Further information

  • Large, internationally operating companies with offices abroad (e.g. BMW, VW, Daimler, etc.) often have internship offers in their job advertisements
  • On our Facebook Page International Office - Going Abroad you will find recent advertisements.
Personal reportsHide

Why not benefit from the experience of students who have already completed internships abroad?

Here you can find the Personal reports.

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