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Bavaria Queensland Research Alliance Grant Program

The world is facing complex and severe challenges, such as (1) climate change (2) an accelerated and spiralling accumulation of waste (3) fractured geopolitical landscapes (4) societal polarisation and pluralism emphasized by multiple forms of migration (5) stressed health systems due to unequally growing or shrinking (aging) populations (6) disparate developments of global regions and (7) the all-encompassing need for comprehensive digitalization.

To tackle these challenges, Bavaria and Queensland build their collaboration on shared universal values by combining and integrating their complementary strengths. These include (1) advanced technologies (2) a wealth of resources (3) strong knowledge-based societies/communities (4) high levels of digitalization, and (5) extensive potential for innovation.

Thus, the Bavarian State Government and the Queensland State Government recognize that a strong research and development capability is a critical driver for innovation, economic growth, and job creation in both States. In addition, international partnerships are important for maintaining the relevance and impact of successful and cutting-edge collaborative research.

The Queensland-Bavaria Collaborative Research Grant Program is a joint initiative under the Declaration of Intent between the Department of Environment, Science, and Innovation (DESI) and the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts (StMWK).

Further information can be found in the current call for applications.

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