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Overview of the partner universities

The University of Bayreuth cooperates with more than 350 universities worldwide. 1/3 of the partner universities are located outside Europe (Global Programme), 2/3 within Europe (Erasmus Programme). Students are thus offered a wide range of subject-related and interdisciplinary exchange opportunities across all subject areas

The individual exchange opportunities in the Erasmus and Global programmes as well as further information on the respective partner universities, the range of courses offered, the required language skills and information on tuition fees, if applicable, can be obtained from our publisher.

Please use the information provided there to find out which university best suits your study abroad project. Please note that subject-related cooperations only offer exchange opportunities for certain fields of study or faculties. Interdisciplinary cooperations can be used by students of all fields of study.

Please inform yourself independently about the respective study offer before submitting your application. In this context, it has proven to be helpful to search the websites of the host universities in question for specific information as well as to read the study reports of former exchange students provided in the publisher.

Find your university abroad!

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