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Your Support

Help us to further develop the international alumni family at University of Bayreuth. Your generous support will bolster the „Bayreuth global Identity.“

You could

  • Become the coordinator for the regional network
  • Participate in or support the events, for example, make a speech or provide a venue
  • Share your personal stories in Alumni-Portrait
  • Publish articles or paper in our newsletter
  • Inform job vacancies
  • Offer a field trip to your workplace, such as your company or institution
  • Support our Alumni projects financially

100% of your donation will be immediately invested in a focused project.

Account Number: 743 015 30
Bank Sort Code: 750 000 00 (Bundesbank)
IBAN: DE84 7500 0000 0074 3015 30

We are happy to provide a donation receipt upon request. For German tax purposes, payment receipts, such the transaction receipt from your bank should suffice for any donation of up to 200 EUR.

I-Hsin Stangl
Phone: +49 (0)921/55-5293
Email: biac@uni-bayreuth.de

Postal Address:
Universität Bayreuth
Bayreuth International Alumni Centre
Zentrale Universitätverwaltung
95440 Bayreuth

Webmaster: Sabine Anders

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