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A Master's access qualification is an academic degree that gives access to a Master's programme at a German university.

The most common Master's access qualification is a completed Bachelor's degree. Other degrees of equal or higher value (Master's, Diplom, Magister, etc.) can also provide access to a Master's programme.

Degrees from foreign universities must be at least equivalent to a 3-year Bachelor's degree at a German university in order to be recognised as a Master's access qualification. The anabin database provides initial guidance as to whether a foreign university degree allows access to a Master's programme in Germany.
Exception: Computational Mathematics M.Sc. - here a 4-year Bachelor's degree is required.

If you have not yet completed the relevant degree programme at the time of application, then you can also submit a current transcript with all achievements to date. The binding regulations on the qualification requirements for a Master's degree programme can be found in the subject examination and study regulations.

To be submitted in digital form.

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