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Buddy Programme

You are new at the University of Bayreuth? You have a lot of questions about life and studying? The Buddy Program brings together new and old students of the University so that the first weeks at your new place of residence and the start of your studies are successful. In this way, intercultural contacts and new friendships are formed right at the beginning of your studies.

However, further friendships can also be made in an international context during the course of studies, for example when attending events organized by the Erasmus Student Network Bayreuth (ESN Bayreuth).

International Students

All new international students can register for the Buddy Program to receive a mentor at the University of Bayreuth.

Registration Buddy Programme

UBT Students

All students at the University of Bayreuth who are interested in an intercultural exchange can register as a mentor for the Buddy Program. We recommend participation especially for students who are planning a stay abroad. Mentors are also welcome to guide several buddies.

UBT students can register on the matching platform (it is mandatory to use the UBT email address to register!). In case of difficulties with the registration, it is possible to register here to receive an invitation.


Who is my mentor?Hide

Mentors are students of the University of Bayreuth who have lived in Bayreuth/Kulmbach for some time. All mentors are volunteers in our Buddy Programme and try to support you as best as possible. Depending on the number of registrations, it is possible that one mentor will supervise several buddies.

What is my mentor responsible for?Hide

Your mentor can help you with your first general questions and give you valuable tips about studying and living in Bayreuth/Kulmbach. If your questions cannot be answered, you can always contact the Welcome Services.

Who is my buddy?Hide

All buddies are international exchange, bachelor, master or PhD students who start their studies at the University of Bayreuth. The matching takes into account different categories and in the best case your buddy is from the country where you are planning/have done a semester abroad or studies the same degree program as you.

What can I expect as a mentor?Hide

You will have the opportunity to share your experiences as a student of the University of Bayreuth, to apply your multilingualism, to make new contacts and to prepare yourself for a (possible) stay abroad. Of course, we cannot estimate the extent to which your buddy will need support, but if you have any questions, you can always contact the Welcome Services.

We would like to point out that the Buddy Program is not a language tandem program! It is primarily intended to help new international students - regardless of nationality and language - settle in at the University of Bayreuth. However, the Language Centre of the University of Bayreuth also offers a language tandem program.

How can I support my Buddy?Hide

The goal of the Buddy Program is to help your buddy settle into life in Bayreuth/Kulmbach and to introduce him or her to student life. There is no fixed structure.

Below you will find some examples of how you can support your buddy:

  • Contact by email before the beginning of the semester
  • Support with contacting the landlord to pick up the key
  • Pick up at the train station (Bayreuth/Kulmbach) and take to the accommodation
  • Contact person for administrative and university questions (e.g. registration at the city hall, enrolment at the university,...)
  • Involvement in your own leisure activities
  • Networking with fellow students
My buddy / mentor is not answering, what can I do now?Hide

Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that emails end up in the spam folder or are not delivered for other reasons. If you do not receive a response to your first email for several days, please contact buddy@uni-bayreuth.de. We can reach out via another email address and find the problem or in case of doubt assign a new person.

When can I register for the Buddy Program?Hide

Registration is possible in the summer semester starting in February and in the winter semester starting in August. Up-to-date information is available on our Instagram page.

When does the matching for the Buddy Program take place?Hide

Matching is scheduled for the summer semester starting in early March and for the winter semester starting in early September. There will be several matching rounds each semester. The last matching takes place shortly after the start of lectures.

On the matching platform of the University of Bayreuth there are different matchings, which one do I have to fill out?Hide

In order to participate in the Buddy Programme, you only need to fill out the matching with the title "Buddy Program for International Students" and the respective semester (in the summer semester 2022, for example: "Buddy Program for International Students Summer Semester 2022"). The platform is also used for other programs (Language Tandem and Alumni Job Mentoring) - interested students are welcome to register for these as well. The respective contacts for further information can be found on the matching platform.

Why do I have to provide so much information on the platform?Hide

Matching takes place based on an allocation of points in the various categories. The required information helps to match buddies and mentors appropriately. This helps ensure a positive Buddy Programme experience for all involved.

I have a technical problem with the matching platform, what can I do?Hide

Please send an email to buddy@uni-bayreuth.de.

More Information and Contact

If you have any questions, our Buddy Programme team is always available at the following email address: buddy@uni-bayreuth.de 

Webmaster: Sabine Anders

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