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Credit transfer for coursework completed abroad

Many students would like to have the coursework they completed abroad transferred toward their studies in Bayreuth.

The International Office is not responsible for the transfer of credits you earn while you are abroad. Please contact your department directly with any questions about cred transfer.

We have summarized the most important information concerning the transfer of foreign coursework below.

Where can I find an overview of courses at my host university?Hide

Please check about the courses offered by your host university before the exchange in order to clarify the issue of possible credit transfer with your department. You should check the following:

  • the current online course catalogue of your host university
  • if this has not yet been published, the course catalogue from the previous year
  • personal reports submitted by others who studied there
  • the fact sheets in our Publisher
Do I need a Learning Agreement?Hide

Students who participate in the Erasmus programme or receive funding via a DAAD PROMOS scholarship must draw up a Learning Agreement. You will have to complete at least 20 ECTS points (or the equivalent) at the host institution. In principle, it is advisable to take on the same level of coursework at the host institution as local students.

For global students from faculties where the recognition of foreign credits is not regulated, we also recommend drawing up a Learning Agreement.

Converting foreign grades into the grading system used at the University of BayreuthHide

Many universities, especially outside of Europe, have a different assessment system than the one used at the University of Bayreuth. For this reason, the grades obtained there must first be converted into the Bavarian system.

The International Office recommends using the modified Bavarian formula for the conversion. In addition to the maximum achievable grade, it also takes into account the minimum grade required to pass at the university. The departments are free to choose which values are applied as "Min" and "Max".

In this table, we have compared the different assessment systems for you and created a calculation tool for the modified Bavarian formula.

In addition we provide the UBT grading scale here.

We would like to point out that this table is for guidance only and does not guarantee any conversion or credit transfer. Only your department or the relevant Examinations Office are authorized to award credit transfer for coursework completed abroad.

Some departments have developed a uniform procedure for awarding credit transfer for coursework completed abroad.

Information on credit transfer possibilities is available here:

Faculty of Law, Business & Economics

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Faculty of Engineering Science

If your department has not yet established a uniform procedure, you must clarify the credit transfer procedure in consultation with your programme coordinator or departmental coordinator.

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