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International Office

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Management / Central Services

Dr. Arnim Heinemann
ZUV, Room 1.85

Responsibilities: management of the International Office; internationalization strategy; international affairs, relations, and cooperation; strategic international partnerships, networks, and projects; international marketing/outreach and recruiting; budget planning; internationalization, international funding programmes​

Ariane Lange
ZUV, Room 1.87 (mornings only)

Responsibilities: budget planning, personnel planning, coordination and internal organization of the International Office, internal and external audits of the International Office

Michael Schneider
ZUV, Room 0.11.3

Responsibilities: Head of Mobility; contract management (cooperation agreements & double degrees); international Summer/Winter Schools, deputy coordinator of MoveOn

Thorsten Parchent
ZUV, Room 0.11.2

Responsibilities: Welcome Services for international students, teachers and researchers, coordinator of the Bayreuth International Summer School, coordinator of the refugee programme

Anette Haas
ZUV, Room 1.83

Responsibilities: Assistant to the Managing Director of the International Office, coordination of MoveOn

Katharina Zöttl / Katharina Schlepper
ZUV, Room 1.84

Responsibilities: assistant to the Director of the International Office

Daniela Kasel
ZUV, Room 1.86

Responsibilities: scholarships for international students (STIBET, DAAD, State of Bavaria), accounting, Guest House reservations

Daniel Mook
ZUV, Room 0.11.4

Responsibilities: English translator, translation coordinator

Information on English translations at University of Bayreuth

Sylvia Sprödhuber
AI, Room 0.09 (mornings only)

Responsibilities: project coordinator for the Bayreuth-Melbourne Colloid/Polymer-Network

Yiwen Chen
Shanghai International Studies University (SISU)
Hongkou Campus, Building 5, Room 406

Responsibilities: coordinator of the UBT Gateway Office China

Dr. Irina Herrschner
The University of Melbourne
Australian-German Climate and Energy College

Responsibilities: coordinator of the UBT Gateway Office Melbourne

Bérénice Kimpe
Université de Bordeaux
Direction des Relations Internationales

Responsibilities: coordinator of the UBT Gateway Office Bordeaux

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