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Information regarding COVID-19


The crisis committee of the University of Bayreuth has been operative since February and remains in daily contact with authorities. It is staffed by representatives from all areas of the University. We are observing the situation very closely and readjusting our measures continuously. Besides our contribution to containing the spread of the virus, the protection of students and employees is our top priority.

General Information regarding COVID-19, updates on the current situation as well as advice for students and staff with regard to health measures can be found here.

Information about the coronavirus in Germany:

The information on the websites of the Robert-Koch Institute, the WHO, the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of Health is updated on a daily basis. The University of Bayreuth provides information on its website and in these FAQs, but also by e-mail and via its social media accounts!

Information for prospective international students

Can I postpone the start of my studies from Summer Semester 2020 to Winter Semester 2020/21?
It is generally possible to postpone an existing admission by one semester. Admission for Summer Semester 2020 granted to international degree students who do not wish to begin their studies at the University of Bayreuth until Winter Semester 2020/21 automatically applies to Winter Semester 2020/21. The new letter of admission can be downloaded from CampusOnline. Most of the admission letters have already been made available. Should you not have received a new admission letter yet, although you need one, please get in touch with the Incoming Degree Team. Students who have not applied via CampusOnline will receive a new letter of admission by e-mail.
The new admission arrangements must be communicated to the Foreigners’ Office. Please clarify any visa questions that may arise directly with the relevant embassy or consulate if you need to apply for a visa before departure.

Are there any changes to the application deadlines for the Winter Semester 2020/21?
As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the deadline for submitting applications for undergraduate study (bachelor’s, state examination, and teacher education programmes) has been extended to 20 August 2020. The application deadline for master’s programmes have not been changed.

Are there any changes to the Preliminary documentation review (VPD) process for programmes which require an application via uni-assist?
For the time being, applicants for Winter Semester 2020/21 are not required to send in their documents to uni-assist by post. The preliminary documentation review will be carried out on the basis of the digital copies you uploaded.

Is it possible to submit the evidence of proficiency in German at a later point?

  • For degree programmes whose deadlines were extended to 20 August: your language certificates demonstrating the relevant proficiency level (B2) must be available by 20 August.
  • For degree programmes with an application deadline of 15 July: subsequent submission of German language certificates after the deadline is permitted if you submit a certificate of participation by 15 July including registration for the language examination demonstrating that you will be able to submit the required certificate (B2) by 9 August 2020.

Is it possible to submit the evidence of proficiency in English at a later point?
Please contact the programme coordinator of the degree programme for which you are interested in applying.

I have questions about my visa:
Information on entry and visa matters can be obtained from the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Please make sure to contact the German embassy or consulate responsible for you or the local Foreigners' Office in Germany.

If you have any other questions, please contact welcomeservices@uni-bayreuth.de.

Information for Students, Exchange Students, International Guests, Researchers and Global Partners

Is face-to-face teaching taking place again?
There will be no face-to-face teaching - with the exception of the practical courses and examinations in person already permitted – this semester. Please get information on possible in person courses at the respective chairs and faculties. The decision on how teaching is going to take place in the winter semester 2020/21 is not yet final.

Can I come to Germany to continue my studies?
The regulation that people who are not German citizens can only enter Germany if they have a valid reason is still in place. It is allowed to travel to Germany to continue your studies if you have your main residence in Germany. As there is mostly no in person teaching, we suggest that students who are currently abroad do not travel to Germany – unless necessary. Up to date information can be found here.

Can I get a personal appointment at the Welcome Services?
Due to the current situation, our offices are currently closed and we are not able to offer personal appointments. Of course, you can always reach us via phone or email (contact information can be found here) and we can help with all questions and problems.

Is there any possibility to get to know other (international) students and network on Campus even in this situation?
Yes! Enactus Bayreuth, a student initiative, started an Instagram account where all student initiatives and organizations have the possibility to present themselves and publish upcoming (online) events. Especially for international students, ESN offers an interesting programme with different events every week – ranging from a Language Stammtisch to a language tandem program. All information and further details can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Additional Information:
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the current situation, please contact us at welcomeservices@uni-bayreuth.de. Enquiries are answered on a daily basis.

Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to prevent you from suffering any academic disadvantage due to the current situation.

We will keep you informed about any updates as soon as new information becomes available and we very much hope to welcome you to our beautiful campus in the future.

FAQs regarding the coronavirus

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