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Financing your stay abroad

There are many ways to finance your stay abroad. This applies to both self-organized stays and stays within the framework of an exchange programme with the University of Bayreuth (Erasmus+ or Global). In this case, however, we ask that you please consult with the International Office.

Please note:
Many funding institutions only award funding for a stay abroad to applicants with German citizenship or persons treated as such. In addition, it is important to apply well in advance (often one year in advance). For further information, please refer to the announcements of the various scholarship providers.

Details of the Erasmus ProgrammeHide

The Erasmus programme covers the following periods:

  • the preferred duration is one semester.
  • Stays of more than two semesters are also possible.
PROMOS programme to increase mobility among German studentsHide

The University of Bayreuth awards partial scholarships to students of the University of Bayreuth for non-European visits abroad with funds from the PROMOS mobility programme.

The application deadline for the following calendar year (funding period: 01.01.-31.12.) is 1 December.

Details concerning the current PROMOS announcement can be found here.

The International Office accepts applications via the MoveOn Platform.

If you have any questions about PROMOS, please contact Sabine Paez.

BAföG in a Foreign CountryHide

Anyone who receives domestic BAföG is eligible. However, an application may also be worthwhile if your domestic application has been rejected. We advise you to submit your application for funding as soon as possible when applying for BAföG in a foreign country. The BAföG offices usually require a processing time of six months. The special conditions and requirements for BAföG in a foreign country can be found at Auslandsbafögs.

Various offices are responsible for such applications depending on the country for which you are applying for BAföG.
They will provide you with the necessary application forms, and you will also submit your application to them.

External scholarshipsHide

The Begabtenförderungswerke usually support visits abroad in addition to study at your home university.

There are also many other foundations that provide funding for students from specific regions or in specific subject areas as well as the DAAD's short-term scholarships. The DAAD's short-term scholarships are only awarded for internships in international organizations. Please refer to the DAAD's homepage for up-to-date information.

Additional funding opportunities are available at:

General scholarships

Country-specific scholarships

Latin America:

Eastern Europe:









Czech Republic:


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