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English Translations at the University of Bayreuth

As an international university, we strive to provide as much as possible in the English language. Under Documents you will find a range of forms and information sheets we have already translated into English.

Much of the English material available at the University is written by staff working at our various academic and administrative units. To ensure uniform terminology and linguistic conventions, we have created our own English Glossary. Since we regularly update the glossary and add new terms, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

If you need a text to be translated into English or proofread by a native speaker, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Students at the University of Bayreuth who need an English translation of their degree certificate or transcript can fill out the templates and  authorized them in the International Office. (Don’t forget to bring the German originals!)

We also cooperate with BaySeV, a project which focuses on creating English document templates that are relevant to students and general enough to be used by universities across Bavaria.


Daniel Mook (MPhil)
State-Certified Translator (English-German)
English Translator/ Translation Coordinator
International Office
Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-5327
E-mail: translation@uni-bayreuth.de

Useful LinksHide

dict.leo.org – a convenient tool for anyone translating between the English and German (and French) languages

linguee.de – a search engine for finding solutions other translators have come up with. However, it is to be used with care, since it also displays many poor translations; especially useful when searching for translations of whole phrases or clauses (e.g. “in his capacity as”)

http://iate.europa.eu/SearchByQueryEdit.do – The EU’s terminology database for translating between European languages.

oed.com – access to the Oxford English Dictionary from the UBT campus is free of charge. The dictionary provides a comprehensive overview of words and phrases and also serves as a guide for spelling preference at the University of Bayreuth. Please note that Oxford University Press prefers the suffix –ize to –ise, the main exception being the verb analyse.

collinsdictionary.com/english-thesaurus – a convenient online thesaurus to help you help you find just the right word(s)

debretts.com – Debrett’s website and their publication Correct Form provide helpful tips on forms of address, e-mail etiquette, invitation writing, and much more.

bartleby.com – Bartelby offers a huge selection of literature, poetry, and nonfiction works.

www.ease.org.uk/publications/author-guidelines – This guide contains some useful tips for making your scientific writing clearer.

http://www.phrasebank.manchester.ac.uk/ – The University of Manchester has commissioned a handy academic phrasebank for scientific writing that is primarily geared towards non-native speakers of English.

http://writersdiet.com/?page_id=4 – an entertaining test to see whether your academic writing might be too “flabby”.

visualthesaurus.com – this site provides an interesting way to explore words in the English language.

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