In comparison to large cities like Munich, Frankfurt or Stuttgart the cost of living in Bayreuth is very low. This applies to rent as well as to energy costs, food, transportation, dining etc. The local retail industry also offers plenty of opportunities for price-conscious shopping.

Students must either bring private money along or have a scholarship. If you do not come from a European country, you must prove during the visa procedure that you have sufficient financial means for your studies and living expenses.

The absolute minimum required by law is € 640 per month (€ 7680 per year). Students must prove that they have the amount for the entire stay in order to obtain a visa from the embassy. It is also necessary to prove this when applying for a residence permit at the Immigration Office upon arrival. It is advisable to allow for € 700 per month to pay for living expenses in Bayreuth.

Students should keep in mind that they will probably need more money during the first month in Germany than normal. This is due to the need to pay for student fees, health insurance, additional clothing, and the deposit for an apartment.

See this link provided by the City of Bayreuth for further information: